Yes, you read that correctly!  Whether you live in California, Texas, Maine, Hawaii, Taiwan, or anywhere in between, you can now pull up a seat and attend a General Membership meeting right from your own computer, tablet, smartphone, or landline.

To attend, you need to be enrolled and fill out a short form which asks for your full name, email address, and enrollment number.  If you don’t know your number, no worries, just fill out what you can.   Once your enrollment has been verified, you will be emailed a link with login information.

The first meeting happened on August 18, 2018 with the second one set to occur September 15 at 10am CT/11am ET.   There are 4 General Membership meetings per year; typically August, September, February, and April.

If you’re interested in attending please contact Council person Seth Elsen at or follow this link to fill out the verification form:

If you’re not sure yet if you can attend the next meeting, please go ahead and fill out the form.

See you there!