“Samson Occom: The Journey of a Lifetime” 250th Anniversary Limited Edition Doll Display Sets For Museums and Nonprofits

“Samson Occom:  The Journey of a Lifetime” 250th Anniversary Doll Display Sets

If your nonprofit group would like to receive a Samson Occom doll and display box, please contact me at brothertowncitizen at aol.com.  These boxes will be donated and shipped at no charge.

Currently, there are 3 boxes available: Yellow suitcase, maple stained trunk, and the clear acrylic display box.  Please let me know your first and second preference when you contact me.  If the boxes below are no longer available, please allow several weeks for me to complete a new box for you.

Note: You may also request a standard travel case set as found on the dolls for sale page at brothertowncitizen.wordpress.com/samson-occom-doll-collectors-page.

To learn the back story of this doll, please see the Samson Occom doll homepage.

Yellow Suitcase Display Set

Samson Occom in his yellow Suitcase display

Samson Occom in his yellow Suitcase display

suitcase front

The front of the case is decorated in an old world map. A tag is attached to the handle and bears Occom’s portrait on one side and a copy of his signature on the back.

Yellow case back

The bottom of the case contains an information sheet on Samson Occom which has been permanently adhered.

Yellow Set

Samson Occom pointing toward the Eeyawquittoowauconnuck wampum belt.

Yellow display box

Closeup of the Display tray. The tall compartment on the top left features 7 arrows representing the 7 Native towns from which people came to form the Brothertown Tribe. Also included is a real quahog shell and some faux wampum beads which were made from these shells. The bottom left includes a period style rifle and powder horn along with fishing pole and fish representing Occom’s enjoyment of hunting and fishing.

4 compartments

Closeup of 4 of the compartments. Top right is the British Union Jack in the 1760’s as well as some faux British coins to represent the money Occom collected in England. On the bottom right are representatives of some of the items he made and sold to supplement his meager salary.

Inkwell, quill, and miniaturized copy of a letter written to his wife Mary while he was yet in England

A Colonial style ship likely similar to the Boston Plackett upon which Occom sailed to England in December of 1765.

A miniature drawing of Occom’s house in CT.  The addition housed Occom’s office/library.

Doll with Bible & necklace

Every display doll comes with a unique black-walnut-shell-and-inlaid-stone necklace hand made by Brothertown Suzette Fell-Buhr.

Full image

“Samson Occom: The Journey of a Lifetime” 250th Anniversary Display Set

Maple Stained Trunk


Samson Occom in his Maple Display Case. A copy of his actual signature is visible on the bottom right front.


Occom’s portrait (used with permission) is featured on the front of the case while an information sheet on Occom has been decoupaged to the back. The 7 arrows around the edges represent the 7 praying towns from which the Brothertown Indians came. You will notice 6 of the arrows are large while the 7th is very small. The smaller arrow represents our Tunxis brethren who no longer exist as a tribe. Our other parent tribes (2 Pequot, Niantic, Mohegan, Narragansett & Montauk) continue to exist to this day.


Another feature of this particular set is the pictorial story of Occom’s life using a representation of vines, shoots(his children) and berries to mark each year of his life.  When he was married, his wife, Mary, is represented with a 2nd berry beside his.  The 16  dots outside of the vines at the beginning of the story represent his first 16 years living as a traditional Mohegan Indian.


Another view of the box edges. The idea for this pictorial story came from a box sent from Brothertown to Occom’s sister Lucy back in CT.  The box can be seen at the Mohegan museum.


The 2 bottom left compartments on this box contain gardening tools, rows of corn and the fruits of harvest:  corn, squash and beans.


7 feathers again representing the 7 New England towns from which the citizens of Brotherton came.

3 Panel Display Box

The Display box is removable. Behind it sits a copy of Occom’s journal page wherein he names Brotherton/Eeyawquittoowauconnuck.

Clear Acrylic Front Shadowbox


Again, a copy of Occom’s own signature can be found on the front of this display case (top).


Wampum belt and walnut shell necklace also included.