Brothertown links

Here is a great pre-history write up that currently goes through the Colonial Period.


A twinkle in their eye: click here to learn the names of the Brothertown founding fathers and to read some interesting stories from the early days of Brothertown.

Click here to see a short video of Brothertown, NY including the Brothertown cemetery.


Here is a link to a journal by business man Thomas Dean who traveled with some Brothertown indians through Indiana to NY in 1817

The businessman who traveled with some of the Brothertown Indians to NY in 1817


Brothertown Historical Marker near Deansboro, NY

Brothertown cemetery in NY





The easiest Brothertown ancestor to research is most likely Samson Occom.  Many of his journals, letters, sermons and hymns have survived the 2 and a half centuries since his death and are available online.  To begin to get a better picture of our Brothertown tribal roots, I would recommend starting here.

Samsom Occom’s autobiography
To see and read Occom’s actual journal pages (!) click here or on the picture below.

Link to one of Occom’s sermons

Letter from Moses Paul asking Occom to preach at his execution

A published sermon from the occasion of the execution of Moses Paul

Another version of the famous Moses Paul execution sermon

Books and articles about Samson Occom by other writers.

“Samson Occom and the Christian Indians of New England” available for download here..FREE

This is what the Mohegan Tribe has to say about Occom’s life and influence


An online book about the Native American roots of Dartmouth College



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