Construction Plans


Below is a rough outline of the things I am planning to post as time permits.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Birthing of Brothertown
  3. Samson Occom: Mohegan Missionary
  4. Samson Occom: A Warrior for His People
  5. Samson Occom: A Bitter Betrayal
  6. Joseph Johnson
  7. David Fowler
  8. Our Tribal Journey (Past, Present and Future)
  9. Then and Now:  Perceptions of Native Americans
  10. Is There Really Such a Thing as a Christian Indian?
  11. Collections and Artifacts
  12. Early Brothertown Government
  13. Modern Brothertown Government
  14. US Citizenship:  Did We Sell Out or Buy In?
  15. Tribal Obstacles Then and Now
  16. The Genealogies of Our People and Their Parent Tribes (web page)
  17. A Timeline
  18. Our Leaders (List)
  19. Community Bulletin Board (Announcements) Page
  20. Photos