Samson Occom: The Journey of a Lifetime Limited Edition 250th Anniversary Doll Collector’s Page

On this page you will find photos, descriptions and a link to purchase one of the remaining 11″ tall 250th anniversary Samson Occom ball jointed dolls. In addition to the doll dressed in period-style ministers clothing, info sheet, and Certificate of Authenticity (COA), these dolls arrive in an old-world map trunk with several accessories.

To learn the back story of this doll, please see the Samson Occom doll homepage.

One accessory is a wampum belt which was hand-beaded by Brothertown descendant Tasha Thompson Martinez.  It reads, “Eeyawquittoowauconnuck” which, as Occom noted in his 1785 journal, is “Indian” for Brotherton.

A second accessory is a hand-carved wooden box which stands in as a period-typical writing desk. Inside is a real miniaturized letter Occom wrote from England to his wife Mary, a quill, bottle of ink, faux wax candle, hand-made wax seal bearing Occom’s initials & written in his own hand, a Bible (with readable pages), and a cross.


Attached to the trunk is a tag bearing a portrait of Samson Occom while the reverse bears a copy of Occom’s signature:

Each set has some slight variations although all have the same basic components.  If you wish to see photos of your particular doll and kit before purchase, please contact me.   To place an order using Paypal, please click the button below.  The complete kit, including shipping and insurance, is $425.00.

Judy did a wonderful job on his hands and facial sculpt: