In honor of Samson Occom Day today, below is reprinted a letter written by Samson to his wife, Mary, and sister-in-law Esther Poquiantup Fowler. This was written in 1766 when he was in Great Britain and shows a lighter side of the Reverend. This is reprinted (with some spelling and punctuation updates) from Joanna Brooks’ book, The Collected Writings of Samson Occom, Mohegan (/Brothertown); p78.

My dear Mary and Esther

Perhaps you may query whether I am well; I came from home well, was by the way well, I got over well, am received at London well, and am treated extremely well, yea I am caressed too well. And do you pray that I may be well; and that I may do well; and in time return home well? And I hope you are well, and wish you well, and as I think you’ve begun well, so keep on well, that you may end well, and then all will be well.

And so, farewell,

Samson Occom