Over the weekend, our Tribal Historic Preservation Officer gave birth to our very first 2021 Brothertown baby!* Mother and son look very happy and well. A new baby is always welcome news, and particularly after a year like 2020. Likewise, a new Brothertown baby is always special news, but Oliver’s birth seems especially poignant. Perhaps because it follows so closely after Lani’s departure; perhaps because I’ve seen Oliver’s grandfather serve our Tribe in many ways over the years, and his mother as well; or perhaps it’s because Oliver’s birth, like the heralding of spring, sparks renewed hope.

In mostly subtle ways, Brothertown has been gaining renewed strength in recent years. We’ve always had folks ready and willing to serve our Tribe and we’ve always had friends helping us when we’ve needed them. But recently, we’ve seen a renewed increase in participation, greater communication and camaraderie, and our young people are becoming increasingly more involved. Indeed, 4 of our 9 Council members are in their early 30’s or younger. [I believe that this is the youngest group of leaders we’ve ever had; save for our beginning in the 1770’s and ‘80’s.] We’ve also seen renewed interest from those outside of Brothertown who want to know how they can help. There are many exciting things upon the Brothertown horizon and it may be Oliver’s generation that bears the fruit thereof. Oliver’s birth, like all of our Brothertown children, is a sign of hope, a renewal of strength, and a glimpse into our future. Welcome, Oliver!

Please spare a moment to pray for Oliver and his parents as they begin a new life together. May God bless, guide, and guard them.

*I just found out that Baby Oliver (who was due on the 21st of January) actually missed the new year by 15 minutes! So, he was born in 2020 but didn’t wait long to help us usher in the New Year.