Dear Brothertown friends and family,

I am looking for Brothertown-related stories, photos, thoughts, and memories for an upcoming publication whose working title is “The Collected Stories of the Eeyawquittoowauconnuck or Brothertown Indians”.

Stories are a fundamental part of who we are.  More than just an ageless form of entertainment, stories teach us how to interpret and navigate the world around us.  They teach us what is important to know and help us to define ourselves. Similarly, a nation’s stories help to define that nation’s unique perspectives and history through the highlighting of important cultural beliefs, traditions, historical events and/or citizens.   The telling of its stories helps to ensure the continued success, longevity, and cohesiveness of a nation.  Stories needn’t be long or even necessarily entertaining to accomplish this objective; all they need to do is exemplify something unique pertaining to that nation.

Just as important as the telling of its stories is that a nation tell its own stories.  As much as I love reading about Brothertown by outside authors, we are uniquely qualified to tell our own stories from a Brothertown perspective.  Let’s share with others Brothertown’s unique history, culture, and citizens and preserve our stories, thoughts, and memories for our great grandchildren’s great grandchildren.

EVERY Brothertown descendant is invited to contribute. Maybe you’d like to share something about a particular Brothertown ancestor, event, object, or place?   Maybe you’d like to talk about your involvement in Tribal activities or your thoughts on Brothertown today or your hopes for it tomorrow?  If you’re Brothertown, you have a story, thought, or memory that you can share.

Stories can be in any form:  hard copy or digital, written, photos, drawings, carvings, crafts or whatever you feel is important to share.   Whether you would like to tell your story verbally or visually, I would love to hear it.  Some stories may be shared here on this blog, and/or the Tribal newsletter and it is anticipated that all stories and photos collected will be printed in book format with all profits going towards a Brothertown scholarship(s).  Stories can be any length—from 1 sentence or photo to hundreds.  If you’d like to share a brief memory (such as getting together with Brothertown relatives at Grandma’s house) but don’t think that makes for enough of a story, think again!  ALL memories, thoughts, and stories are welcome.

If you’re just not the sort who likes to write, feel free to leave me a phone number and I’d be happy to call you back and take notes and then write something up and run it past you for your approval.  Please ask your Brothertown relatives to share their stories as well.  Together, we can create a valuable keepsake of important personal and historical stories, photos, thoughts, and memories about and by the Brothertown Indians.  Please help.

To submit your story, ask questions, or leave a phone number please do so here:  submissions/questions 

Thank you,