Many thanks to Mr. Gabriel Kastelle for the wonderful presentation he gave this past Sunday evening (April 9, 2017)!  Mr Kastelle spoke to us on the importance and endurance of Brothertown hymnody from Samson Occom’s 1774 hymnal to Thomas Commuck’s 1845 Indian Melodies.   Mr. Kastelle has done an impressive amount of independent research on Brothertown, our founders and our ancestral tribal histories.  This research, together with his musical degrees and long time involvement in shape note singing make Mr. Kastelle uniquely qualified to recognize, understand, and address  the many intricacies involved in the presenting and “re-remembering” of this important part of Brothertown culture.   I must also add that Gabriel Kastelle’s enormous respect and deep reverence for our Brothertown founders, history and the travails of our people make his presentation all that much more compelling.   Interspersed throughout the talk you will find several examples of Commuck’s tunes played on the violin.    You can view the full presentation on Brothertown Forward’s YouTube channel.