I have recently been made aware of a few events which may be of interest to our Brothertown family.  I will post updates to the current events page of this site so please check there for subsequent information or feel free to contact me directly.

*First, a group is forming to travel to (formerly) Brothertown, New York this Spring to work on cutting back underbrush and tending to the graves of our ancestors.  If you are available the weekend of May 6th, 2016 and would like to lend a hand please contact me through the contact link on this website.

*Second, Brothertown descendant, Mr Paul Werth of Washington state has tentavily set this year’s Pacific NW gathering for Saturday April 23, 2016.  If you plan on attending please contact Paul directly or let me know and I can relay your information to him.  Also, there is a gathering in MN on the the weekend of April 30th.

*Also of news is a symposium September 9-11, 2016 being co-hosted by Ms Ivy Schweitzer at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.  This symposium is open to the public and all members of our Tribe have kindly been invited by Ms. Schweitzer to attend.

Below is reprinted, in part, a document which explains a bit more about the event.  If you are interested in attending, please let me know and perhaps we can arrange some group travel and/or hotel accommodations.

Digital archives of Indigenous materials have enriched our notions of texts and what counts as Native writing, but raise questions of ownership and control. This workshop and symposium will celebrate The Occom Circle and other indigenous digital archives by exploring the multiple modalities of Indigenous histories and texts and their remediation through digital means. How can archives be turned into living places—that is, how can they serve community interests of Indigenous survivance? How might we understand the multiple literacies of Indigenous communities and how does that reshape our conception of literary history?

The program will offer a keynote address by Tim Powell, Director of the Center for Native American and Indigenous Research (CNAIR, https://amphilsoc.org/cnair) and Rick Hill, director of the Deyohaha:ge: Indigenous Knowledge Center at Six Nations Polytechnic in Ontario (http://www.snpolytechnic.com/index.php/indigenous-knowledge-centre.) There will be two plenary panels. Confirmed speakers include: Damián Baca (University of Arizona), Jason Lewis (Concordia University), Kim Christen Withey (Washington State University), Gordon Henry (MSU Native American Instituite).

There will be an exhibit of documents from the Occom and Wheelock Papers at Dartmouth, exhibits of recent and ongoing digital archives as well as hands-on workshops teaching DH skills. Attendees will be able to visit the Occom and Eleazar Wheelock papers in Dartmouth’s Special Collections. A tour of the Orozco Murals and a stroll around Occom Pond will be part of the conference activities.