Where have we been? Who are we? Where are we going?

These are important questions to ask and each one feeds into the next. If we want to know where we are going we need to know who we are. If we want to know who we are we need to know where we’ve been. If we want to know where we’ve been we have to start asking questions: what is our genealogical background? What were our ancestors like? What were their customs? Beliefs? What sort of lives did they lead? What events helped to shape them as individuals? As a Tribe? What obstacles did they face? How did their surroundings and world events shape them? How did they support themselves? What did they do when they were sick? What were their homes like? What did they eat? Did they believe in God? If so, how did they worship? What language did they speak? How did others view them? How did they view themselves? How did they interact with each other? Were they educated?

These are just some of the thousands of questions one could ask. The next step is to search out the answers. But where does one begin looking? Some initial resources could be historical documents, elders, research papers, books, state and local historical societies, and the Tribal office.

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